Being environment friendly is so very important, that’s where SCRAP TYRE RECYCLERS LTD take responsibility and take care of safe disposal of tyres more efficiently and effectively.

The Disposal of scrap tyres have to be done according to legal standards.

What STR Ltd do as a fully licensed company is take whole responsibility and assure:

• Safe Removal/ Safe Disposal.

• Recycling management service

• Wholesale of new/part worn tyres

• Solutions for baled/shredded tyres.

With a UK fleet of fully registered vehicles and the ability to process thousands of tyres on a daily basis. we can arrange a urgent collection from any area based in Leicestershire/Midlands.

The reason to comply is simple:

Following your responsibilities you will ensure that your business avoids prosecution and loss of business through poor public image.

Adopting good practice will improve both your company's business and environmental performance.

Making sure your tyre waste has been disposed of legally will benefit us all in making our environment a friendly natural world.

For collection and all enquires please contact Habib on :

Tel: 0044 (0)7720749565


STR Limited

Unit 4 Skeffington Mills

Uppingham Rd, Skeffington

Leicester, LE7 9YE

Environmental Agency UK License No: CBDU44081

Registered in England and Wales No: 8023212

We are located at:

Unit 4 Skeffington Mills

Uppingham Rd



LE7 9YE.




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Registered in England and Wales No: 8023212